Tyler Stanton is a MFA Candidate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  His furniture has been exhibited both locally and nationally including at the 2016 International Wood Fair in Atlanta Georgia. Tyler graduated from Edinboro University earning a BFA in Studio Arts with a concentration in Wood Furniture Design as well as a BS in Art Education. He also has served in the Army Reserves since 2009, as a Carpentry Masonry Specialist in the Army Corp of Engineers. Stanton currently lives and works while pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in woodworking in Western Pennsylvania.

Artist Statement

My practice is unified by the exploration and celebration of objects, materials, and collections. People are made complete by the memory of their past and the value of their experiences. My work is an investigation of how these qualities expand to the subject of material culture. The discarded, overlooked and forgotten objects around us contain value beyond their physicality and possess innate identities rich in memory and narrative. I strive to highlight those identities and present materials and objects in a way that allows them to communicate their past or inspires the viewer to construe one.

My work is informed deeply by the objects and reclaimed materials themselves. My process is a parallel of intuitive and reactive decision making combined with traditional woodworking techniques. The forms I create are a balance of whimsical sculpture and utilitarian objects that act to encase, highlight, or present materials and objects in a way that asks the viewer to reflect upon their understanding material culture.